Procurement & Suppliers Management


Procurement & Suppliers Management module as a part of our ERP Systems is the one which is responsible for not only recording, managing, and monitoring your purchases but also, evaluating and enhancing your supply chain as a whole through enabling you to:

  • Build your vendors and service providers’ database.
  • Classify your vendors and service providers based on services or products they provide.
  • Write down notes about every procurement process based on your procurement vendor weighting manual system .
  • Compare between your service providers to enhance further procurement.

Added Values

Supply Chain Management module applies your needs no matter what kind of your business, nature of products and services you purchase.

Through the built-in integration between (general and financial) accounting and vendors, suppliers, services, products, and cost centers. You can analyze costs of departments and projects.

As a buyer, you have a competitive advantage point by default. But the key factor is how to get the same service for a lower price. Our Supply Chain Management Module gives you this ability through vendors’ and service providers’ database.

Key Features

The following are key features of our Module:

  • The ability to create and add a vendor or service provider category based on service or product types.
  • The ability to create and add vendors or service providers under each category.
  • The ability to create purchase invoice based on its nature (cashcredit) + the ability to review vendor or service provider state while creating the invoice.
  • The ability to create a purchase return invoice or service cancellation.
  • Journal entries are created automatically for all the above transactions.
  • Purchases, treasury, purchases return accounts are automatically created for vendors or service providers under their classified categories.

Key Reports

The following are Key reports of our module:

  • Purchases invoices per period.
  • Detailed and summarized daily Purchases classified by vendor or service provider.
  • Purchased services classified by service or product, vendors or service providers, and field of industry for analyzing your purchases.
  • Purchased services classified by field of industry for analyzing field of industry costs of purchases.
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