The Power of ERP

There is no doubt that automated systems in the form of applications have the greatest effect on any organization’s strategic objectives achievement through the harmony created between all business units.


Manufacturing is the second target of our ERP series that covers industrial sector to be one of your Decision Support tools that give you a hand in achieving your strategic objectives.

System Components

Procurement and Suppliers management module as a part of our Manufacturing ERP is the one which is responsible for not only recording, managing, and monitoring your raw material, tools, and spare-parts procurement but also, evaluating and enhancing your supply chain as a whole through enabling you to:

  • Build your suppliers, vendors, and service providers’ database.
  • Classify your suppliers, vendors, and service providers based on services or products they provide.
  • Write down notes about every procurement process based on your procurement vendor weighting manual system (this feature is under automation).
  • Compare between your suppliers, vendors, and service providers to enhance further procurement.

With our Inventory Management Module, you are not only able to record, monitor and control your warehouses, but also you can control quality of your inventory and inventory turnover rates through:

  • Categorizing and classifying your warehouses.
  • Creating flexible inventory levels.
  • Controlling inventory costing policies for each level.
  • Linking your items to your suppliers.

Customer Relationship Management module as a part of MASNAI is responsible for not only recording, managing, and monitoring your sales but also, highlighting quality of provided services in the way that enables you to enhance sales processes and grow relationships with your customers through enabling you to:

  • Build your customers’ database.
  • Classify your customers based on their field of industry.
  • Record Customers’ inquiries to be priced.

Write down notes about every Sales process based on your sales enhancement manual system.

There is no doubt, that automating the salary calculation as one of your HR department functions becomes essential, especially in case of employment and working locations growth where you can:

Set working system rules:

  • Fiscal years
  • Shifts, working hours, overtime
  • Vacations
  • Penalties
  • Taxes
  • Insurance

Calculate Your Salaries by one click:

  • Deductions
  • Allowances

Monitor your employment performance:

  • Build and automate attendance system
  • Performance reports

After Sales Inquiry is created, the next step is to set the final price for sold items. this is done through:

  • Calculating direct and indirect costs of sold products.
  • Setting pricing policy (profit margin – target price).

With our costing module that included in MASNAI system you will be able to:

  • Add and create costing master data.
  • Add cost components to item raw materials
  • Add profit margin or target price per item

There is no doubt that planning department is the maestro and the brain for your factory’s operations. With our Planning module you will be able to:

  • Modify delivery period for each sales process based on your periodical production plans.
  • Create one or more work order for each sales order.
  • Trace your sales order produced quantities.

There is no doubt that monitoring production is a key factor to retain quality of produced items. Besides Inspection process which is a critical process for both raw material and finished products before inputting them into warehouses.

With our QC module you will be able to:

  • Perform inventory technical inspection.
  • Perform inventory appearance inspection.
  • Issue NCRs.
  • Perform finished product technical inspection.
  • Perform finished product appearance inspection.

The general Accounting Module acts as the maestro and the brain of MASNAI system where mainly charts of accounts and their related journal entries reside in besides some master data of the system such as currency. Through General Accounting Module, you will be able to:

  • Build your Chart of Accounts tree.
  • Input accounts’ initial balances such as customers, vendors, treasury, and banks.
  • Automate your journal entries through the automatic integration with transactions such as sales, purchases, funds, and expenses.

The payments and funding methods for your core transactions from sales and purchases as Treasury, Banks, Accounts receivable, and Accounts payable are handled through the Financial Accounting Module of MASNAI system.

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