Data Backups

Data Availability and Integrity

How can you make use of Data no matter how important it is while you don’t have it when you want it?! Making Data available has as much importance as Data itself.

Saving your Data against the probability of loss besides centralization of its processing is the only way ,not only to make your data available, but also to make them up to date.

We handle your Data availability and integrity through working on three main pillars as follows:

Data Centralization is the process of making data available for use from a centralized location for unifying Data Source purpose.

Data Backup is the only dynamic process that saves your Data from the probability of loss due to Data damages or hardware failures.

Data Archiving process aims to keeping data up to date while keeping historical versions for a specific period of time.

Service Availability and Redundancy

Services are the logical framework under which your business units operate. Thus, working on making your Services available and redundant is so critical task.

We handle your Services availability and redundancy through working on three main pillars as follows:

Core Services are services that act as the backbone of the framework such as Server and client operating systems.

Operation Services are services that help your business units to perform their day-to-day operations such as Internet Services, Database Services, and File System services.

Management Services are services that act as the maestro and the brain of the whole framework such as Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS), Domain Name System (DNS), Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP).

Added Values

Existence of one source of Data that is operated under one Framework, gives your business units the opportunity to function in the way that produces leading information leading you to make a better decisions concerning your business as a whole.

Availability, Integrity, and Redundancy of Data and Services enables you to optimize the efficiency of your business units and accordingly your organization as a whole.

Our Methodology

We provide our solutions set through aligning our experience with our service delivery approach as follows:

  1. Study your success critical factors and key performance indicators to
  2. Come up with your business needs concerning Data and Services and
  3. Analyze your current Data and Services processing strategies for your business and their ability to meet these needs to
  4. Give you the optimum solution/s that add value to your Data and Services operations.

Our Solutions Set


We will help you to design and develop Strategies concerning (Data Availability and Integrity) and (services Availability and Redundancy) as follows:

  1. Data Processing
  2. Data Backups
  3. Data Archiving
  4. Service Portfolios
  5. Service availability and Redundancy

Data Availability and Integrity

Designing and developing solutions which Apply Data availability and Integrity strategy. these solutions include:

  1. File Servers Implementation
  2. Data Backups

Service Availability and Redundancy

Designing and developing Solutions applying Services Availability and Redundancy strategy. these solutions include:

  1. Services Clustering and load balancing
  2. Service availability

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