Data Access Levels

The 1st Line of Defense

In old Days, and when some one talks about Data Security, the first thing that jumps into our minds is Anti-Virus. Now, and with tough competition, the topic of Data Security goes beyond protecting your Data against Viruses to include securing your data against unauthorized access, loss, and containing Data processing tools and equipment failures.

Data Access Levels as a methodology, is the first technique used in the sequence of procedures to form a security shield around your Data.

Securing Access Layers

There are two Layers that can be used to form the processing environment for Data. Physical Layer and Logical Layer.

Is the Carrier or the medium by which Data is transmit  between your Business units.

Through this Layer, you can link and restrict your employees with their physical offices.

Through this layer, you can create a virtual office consisting of more than one office located in more than one physical location.

Securing this layer is the first step in Data Security procedures by which you can create access levels and control access to your Data through controlling who can access what.

Logical Layer is the operating system under which Data is created, modified, and processed.

Through this Layer, you can create and add more Data access levels to guarantee an optimum control levels for your Data access.

Using these two Layers in Designing and Developing access Levels for your Data is a very powerful technique used to add a security layer that will act as the backbone of your Data Security shield.

Added Value

Creating a privacy level for processed Data, gives you an advantage point against your competitors. This reflects a better opportunity to win more deals as your power secrets are kept private.

Creating a cooperation environment for your teams through erasing physical boundaries increases teamwork efficiency which leads accordingly quality of delivered services for your organization as a whole.

Our Methodology

To achieve the added values required from Data Access Levels solutions, we use our service delivery approach as follows:

  1. Study your success critical factors and key performance indicators to
  2. Come up with your business needs concerning Data flow and
  3. Analyze your current Data flow channels for your business and their ability to meet these needs to
  4. Give you the optimum solution/s that add value to your data exchange and as a result to your business.

Our Solutions Set

Data Access Strategy

Design and develop Data access strategy to define, govern, and control Data flow Channels.

Physical Layer

Apply the Data Access Strategy to the your organization’s Physical Topology.

Logical Layer

Add another Layer of Security for your Data Access strategy through processing logical environment.
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