Data Networks

Why Data Networks?!

There is no doubt that ease of data flow between business units has a great effect on achieving strategic objectives of your organization. But here comes a good question. How this value could be added ?!!

2 Keys

Before getting in details of how to add value to your business through our Data Network Solutions, let’s first get familiar with the main factors that affect the Design and Development processes of Data networks.

Types of Data which is needed to be flowed between your business units is the first factor that determines the specifications of your data networks from physical components such as (types of cables, switches, and number of V-LANs…) and logical components such as (processing power of your servers, storage technology, and used services).

Physical structure of your company which may take any of the following forms (Single Office – Single Building – multiple Buildings in one campus – multiple branches ) also affects Data networks design specially used connectivity technology or in other words (Routing).

Added Value

With our Network Engineers who are consultants in designing and developing data networks with variety of solutions that suite your needs, we will add value to your business through the following:

In general and in order to reduce costs, you have two options. one option is to reduce quality of services such as (quality of inventory or hiring non qualified employees to reduce cost of employment) and of course you don’t want to do that. The other option is to increase the quality of services. Yes it reduce costs, May be on a longer term than the first option, but the added value to your business of a qualified employee or team has so much greater effect in the form of (doing the right thing from the first time).

We do it right from the first time.

Quality of Services means: The ability of a business unit to function, operate, and interact with its related units in the way that leads to achieving organizational strategic objectives.

Quality of delivered Services is a main Key Performance Indicator for all business units within an organization. It gives a competitive advantage for an organization over its competitors. Quality of Services in an organization shall includes all business units.

We Guarantee the optimum quality of services for all your business units when it comes to requirements of data flow and exchange in your organization.

Data flow and exchange levels and channels are mandatory points in any Corporate Governance Plan.

One of the main roles for an IT Department is to translate Corporate Governance  into an IT rules, Policies, and procedures that guarantee the alignment of them with corporate governance.

We guarantee the alignment of your IT Governance with Corporate Governance in the way that serves the achievement of organizational strategical objectives.

Our Methodology

With our Network Engineers who are consultants in designing and developing data networks with variety of solutions that suite your needs, we will add value to your business through the following:

  1. Study your success critical factors and key performance indicators to
  2. Come up with your business needs and
  3. Analyze your Data networks ability to meet these needs to
  4. Give you the optimum solution/s that add value to your data exchange and as a result to your business.

Our Solutions

Physical Networks Design and Development

Designing and developing your physical Data Networks infrastructure to meet your business needs. Our Solutions include:

  1. Networks Designs
  2. Cabling Plans
  3. Routing & Switching Plans
  4. Networks Development

Logical Networks Design and Development

Designing and developing Data Network Management Systems. Our Solutions include:

  1. Microsoft Network Management Platform
  2. Unix-based Network Management Platform
  3. Virtualization Technology
  4. Microsoft System Center Family for Private Clouds and Networks Management


Linking your Organization’s Physical Topology all together. Our Solutions Include:

  1. Physical Layer Linking
  2. Routing & Switching
  3. Logical Layer Linking

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