Sales & Customers Management


Sales & Customers Management module as a part of our ERP Systems, is responsible for not only recording, managing, and monitoring your services sales but also, highlighting quality of provided services in the way that enables you to enhance sales processes and grow relationships with your customers through enabling you to:

  • Build your customers’ database.
  • Classify your customers based on their field of industry.
  • Write down notes about every Sales process based on your sales enhancement manual system.


There is no doubt that working on how to build and develop a successful relationship with your customers is considered as the key factor to increase your sales and accordingly your profits. With SHRKETI system you can work on more than one way to achieve that as follows:

  • Identify your marketing segments.
  • Build and classify your customer database based on marketing segments.
  • Link your provided services with your customers.
  • By Market segment.
  • By your customers.
  • By your provided services.

Through writing down notes and getting feedback from your customers about quality of provided services linked to every sales process for further review.

Key Features

The Following are some key features of MABIAATI system:

  • The ability to create and add a customer category based on market segment, customer’s field of industry.
  • The ability to create and add Customers under each category.
  • The ability to add Sales force which may include hired Sales persons, Free-lance Consultants, or even Consultancy Agencies to link every sales process to its source.
  • The ability to create and add Price list categories for provided service and link customers to them.
  • The ability to design services’ Price lists under each category.
  • The ability to create quotations for each sales deal.
  • The ability to create sales invoice based on its nature (cashcredit) + the ability to review customer state while creating the invoice.
  • The ability to create a sales return invoice or service cancellation.
  • Journal entries are created automatically for all the above transactions.
  • Sales, treasury, sales return accounts are automatically created for customers under their classified categories.

Key Reports

The following are some key reports of MABIAATI system:

  • Quotations that turned into sales.
  • Detailed and summarized Sales by sales source.
  • Sales invoices per period classified by customer or segment.
  • Detailed and summarized daily Sales classified by Customer or segment.
  • Detailed and summarized daily Sales classified by its nature (Cash – Credit).
  • Sold services classified by service, field of industry, and customers or Market segments for analyzing your Sales.
  • Sold services classified by your field of industry for analyzing field of industry sales volumes.
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