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Who we are

To get the real value of any solution, you must link it to your identified need that led for the solution. Otherwise you have wasted your time and money. We think Business not just providing your company with technology solutions, we dig deeper in your business flows, rules, KPIs of your business units to identify your needs and then design and implement solutions that meet them.

Networks Infrastructure

Data Networks

We will help you to design, build, and upgrade your network infrastructure besides linking your business sites together to bring up the value of business units communication.Read More »

VoIP Networks

Voice conferencing, Video conferencing, Instant messaging, and Voice mail. All these features and more can be used as tools to enhance communications between your teams.Read More »

Technical Support

Get the optimum value from IT department without having an IT Department in your organization through “EDARTI” program.Read More »

Data Security

Network Access Levels

We provide you with a set of network security layers as the first line of defense in the way that makes you sure of who access what when and how.Read More »

Data Backups

Data became an asset, may be the most important property in your company. Data backups is the only way of saving your operations data from loss.Read More »

Unauthorized Access and contents

Securing your internal networks and devices against external threats from hackers and viruses is a critical task.Read More »

Property Security

Access Control

Control who get access to your high security locations within your company with our access control solutions.Read More »

surveillance CAMs

Monitoring, recording, and reviewing events that might happens inside or outside your company is becoming an essential part in securing your property.Read More »

Fire Alarm and Fighting

With our fire alarm and fighting systems, you can reduce fire damages or even prevent it through Automating fire discovery and defense systems  in your company.Read More »

E- Marketing

Web Services

We provide you with the whole package starting from domain and web hosting moving through your website design and development reaching to SEO and SEM.Read More »

Social Media

Increasing your audience means increasing your sales. We will help you to expand your business like you’ve doubled your sales force performance with no effort.Read More »

E-mail and Video Marketing

Applying the concept of  “make use of all available resources”, makes us caring about marketing your business with all available marketing tools.Read More »

Information Systems

Internal Systems Development

We don’t start applying Automated Information Systems to your company unless we finish building, changing, and developing your business Internal Manual Systems to guarantee the optimum value of developed applications.Read More »

Applications Developement

Once we have made sure that you have a one powerful linked manual system, we go to the next round by designing and developing applications that automate your business processes and really really add value to your business.Read More »

Integration Services

No matter what was your automated system state, We go beyond application development to make full integration with your current application platforms in the way that guarantees development not shutting down running systems.Read More »
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